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Madhyamik English Suggestion 2022 With Free PDF

WBBSE English Suggestion 2022  Madhyamik English Suggestion 2022 is published for the students of class ten so that they can prepare for the coming WBBSE exam very soon. They can download the “Madhyamik English Suggestion 2022”. We have made a PDF “Madhyamik English Writing Suggestion 2022”. Nowadays suggestion is very popular among the students. It […]

H.S 2022 English Suggestion for annual Exam [WBCHSE]

H.S English Writing Skill Suggestion 2022 [WBCHSE] H.S 2022 English Suggestion  About the writing skill: There are only three types of writing skills in our syllabus under W.B.C.H.S.E. Only ten marks are for writing skills. The report, letter, and précis writing are in the writing section. But the students have to give an answer to […]

Black Fungus or Mucormycosis Paragraph Writing

Write a paragraph on Black Fungus or Mucormycosis in English within 200 words. Black Fungus or Mucormycosis At first, Mucormycosis is known as zygomycosis. Now it is called a black fungus. It is a rare fungal infection. If it occurs in the body, 54% of the patients are at risk of death According to the […]

Oxygen Crisis in India Paragraph Writing [200 Words]

Oxygen Crisis in India The country was suffering from an oxygen crisis in the second wave of the corona. As India had crossed 16 lakh Covid-19 infected patients, a number of states have informed shortages of medical oxygen. India does not have enough cryogenic tankers to ensure 24×7 road transport of medical oxygen. The oxygen […]

Lockdown and Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Lockdown is a recent topic.  It has been announced throughout the world. So it is a very important topic for the exam. At first, I have written the question relevant to the topic. You may get it on the question paper in the exam hall. Question: Write a paragraph on the Lockdown and its advantages […]

Letter To Father About Preparation For The Final Exam

 A letter to father about your preparation for the final exam Letter to father is the main theme of this post. I would like to say the viewers and readers that the word “Your” will be turned into “My” when you will read the answer on the answer paper. At first, I have written the […]

Your Aim in Life Letter to Your Friend

Letter to Your Friend about Your Ambition Your Aim in Life has been presented in the letter-writing. At first, I have written the question related to this topic. You may get such types of questions in the question paper. Besides, you will get an idea about the question. The students of all classes may write […]

NARRATION CHANGE [Direct and Indirect]

NARRATION CHANGE Narration Change is very important in English grammar. When we convert the speech of a speaker from direct to indirect without changing the meaning is called narration change. Narration is of two kinds. Direct Speech: Using the same speech of a speaker in the quotation is called direct speech. Indirect Speech: Using the […]

Degree Change [Transformation] Easy Tricks

DEGREE CHANGE What is the Degree of Change? When we change from a degree to another without changing the meaning of the sentence is called degree change in English grammar. Kinds of Degree: The degree of comparison is three kinds. Positive degree Comparative degree Superlative degree Definition and examples of degree Positive: In this degree, […]

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