Exclamatory Sentence with Example in Detail

Exclamatory Sentence with Example Exclamatory sentence with example has been explained in details. It is very simple to learn it. If you read it step by step, you can learn exclamatory sentence. What is exclamatory sentence? The sentence by which we express emotions, sorrow, happiness, anger, joy, wonder and hatred etc. is called Exclamatory Sentence. […]

Optative Sentence with Example in Detail

Optative Sentence with example in details Optative sentence is one of the types of sentences which are divided based on meaning. In this post i have presented “Optative Sentence” and given many examples. It is highlighted step by step so that the learners can easily learn it. If a learner reads the post relavant optative […]

Interrogative Sentence with Example [All wh-words]

 Interrogative sentence with example all wh-words Interrogative sentence with example has been presented here step by step. There are many examples in the post. Using of all wh-words in interrogative sentence has been explained. If a reader read it once, he can understand it very soon. Definition of  Interrogative Sentence The sentence with which we […]

Assertive Sentence with Example in English

Assertive Sentence with Example in details Assertive Sentence with Example has been explained in details. Learners will get the explanation of declarative sentence step by step here. If he reads the post carefully, he must easily understand it. I am sure that he will not have doubt about assertive sentence. Assertive sentence is called in […]

Type of sentence with example in details

Type of sentence with example in English  Type of sentence is very important in English grammar. If a learner does not have strong knowledge about kind of sentence, he can not improve his English in both writing and speaking. That is why I have explained it in a easy way. Each and every type of […]

Voice Change Rule A to Z [Active and Passive]

  Voice Change Rule  Active and Passive Voice in details  Voice Change Rule helps us to change both active and passive voice. In this post I have discussed all the rules so that the students and learners can learn voice change easily. They will not have to search the rules one by one in search […]

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration

I have highlighted a notice writing on Gandhi Jayanti Celebration for the students and the teachers who are engaged in education. Suppose you are the Secretary of the Students’ Welfare Society of your school. Now write a notice for the school notice board requesting the students to observe the 150th Gandhi Jayanti. Notice [150th Gandhi […]

Process of Guava Jelly Processing Writing

I have presented a processing writing on the Process of Guava Jelly within 110 words for the purpose of the students of all classes. How Guava Jelly is prepared Guava jelly is prepared through several stages. At first, guavas are brought from the market. The fresh guavas are sorted out and the rotten ones are rejected. […]

Processing of bread/how to make bread

I have presented the processing of bread and how bread is made within 100 words below. The students of classes eight, nine and ten will be highly benefited from this post. Besides, the person who wants to make bread at home will be also benefited from reading the post. How bread is made Bread is […]

Process of Soap Making Paragraph for Madhyamik

There are many writing skills in the Madhyamik syllabus. Processing writing is one of them. I have described the “Process of Soap Making” within 100 words below. SOAP MAKING PROCESS It (soap) is a very necessary thing in our daily life. Soap is prepared through several stages. It can easily be made at home. At […]

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